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Beware of the following drinks and foods that trigger miscarriage

While pregnant, you should not eat or drink carelessly, because it can endanger your health and that of your fetus, and even cause miscarriage. Find out what are the drinks and foods that trigger miscarriage, so you can avoid them. To support the growth and development of the fetus in the womb and meet the energy and nutritional needs of the body, pregnant women are required to eat foods and drinks that are healthy and nutritionally balanced. In addition, there are also foods and drinks that need to be avoided by pregnant women, because it is not good for health. Some of them are even considered dangerous and can cause miscarriage. Drinks and Foods that Trigger Miscarriages The following are a variety of drinks and foods that trigger miscarriage to avoid during pregnancy: 1. Raw or undercooked eggs Raw eggs and undercooked eggs are at risk of containing certain bacteria, such as Salmonella, which can increase the risk of miscarriage. This also applies to foods containing raw eg
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These Are the Benefits and How to Perform Postpartum Exercise after Childbirth

After giving birth, not a few mothers who are reluctant or lazy to exercise. Maybe because you are tired of taking care of the baby or still feel pain after giving birth, so lazy to move. In fact, sports such as puerperal gymnastics have many benefits for the body after giving birth, you know! If you give birth normally, you can do puerperal exercises a few days after delivery. But if you give birth by cesarean section, make sure the wound wound in your stomach has healed first. Usually the stitches heal within 6-8 weeks. Even so, it would be better if puerperal gymnastics is done if you are physically and mentally ready, or until the doctor allows it. Some Benefits of Postpartum Gymnastics Like other sports, puerperal gymnastics also provides many benefits for the body. The following are some of the benefits of doing puerperal exercises after giving birth: Restoring the condition of muscles in the abdominal and pelvic area. This can help reduce muscle aches and pains after givi

These Facts About Black Menstrual Blood You Need to Know

When menstruation, blood normally comes out red. But what if the black menstrual blood comes out instead? Do we need to worry? Check out the explanation in the following. Girls over the age of 11 or 14 years old are likely to be visited by guests every month. The arrival of guests who are usually called menstruation will usually last for three to five days, with a distance of about 24-40 days. When menstruation, menstrual blood will come out of a woman's vagina. This blood is mixed with the uterine lining which is decaying because there is no fertilization of the egg by sperm. Black Menstrual Blood Menstrual blood is actually red, but if it turns out menstrual blood that comes out black, you do not immediately panic. Menstrual blood can sometimes be dark brown or blackish. In most cases, brown menstrual blood is normal. Throughout the menstrual cycle, the color and consistency of the blood can change. Menstrual blood can be liquid and little, but it can also coagulate and co